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Flametree Wines


The majority of our fruit is sourced from growers within the Margaret River Wine Region and we occassionally select small batches from Geogrpahe and Frankland River if there is something special or unique on offer.
Each of our source vineyards has its own unique terrior with a specific micro-climate and soil types, producing fruit with individual characters and flavours. 
We see it as a tremendous benefit to be able to 'cherry pick' different varieties from within the region and choose sites where they reach their highest potential in aroma and flavour. 
Within the Margaret River wine region there are several distinct grapegrowing areas which have historically been referred to a "sub-regions". Even though they are not offical registered apellations (called Geographical Indicators - GI's in Australia) we still use ythis term to indentify the area from which we sourced our graoes for the S.R.S. range. 

Our Chief Winemaker, Cliff Royle, initiated this approach of curating wine styles accordingly to their specific growing conditions and the spectrum of attributes these areas are capable of producing. "Margaret River is my winemaking heartland and after 15 vintages I've established a pretty good understanding of what works and what doesn't. This is reflected in my philosophy that if you get the right varieties planted on the right sites you're well on your way to making fantastic wines. Selecting premium parcels of fruit from the diverse geography of the Margaret River region allows me to make complex single varietals and really interesting blends."

Flametree Chief Winemaker Cliff Royle.