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Need quality Margaret River wine for your wedding?

When planning your dream wedding down south there is so much to organise; from the venue, to the caterer, the dress, the flowers, the guests, the music...the list goes on. And you want everything to be perfect for your big day! But what about purchasing the wines? Do you go for the cheapest option, do you trust the caterer, or do you ask your dad to recommend the wine list? Or would you prefer to buy award winning Margaret River wines that you already know and love for your wedding?

We are sure you have been to weddings where the wines seem to have been bought in bulk without any thought as to the enjoyment of the guests. And while you don’t need to go overboard a little thought will go a long way to ensuring the success of your day. After all no-one enjoys bad wine and generally everyone enjoys that extra little bit of effort.

While you are ensuring that all aspects of your wedding are perfect, make sure you don’t forget about the wine you will serve your guests. Flametree Wines can provide distinctive, Margaret River wines at affordable prices for your wedding reception. Contact us at to ask about our bulk buying discounts on wedding wines. Whether you need a single case or 6 or more cases of wine we can discuss your needs. And if you are already a Family tree Wine Club member we can provide a special rate.

How much wine will I need for my wedding?

Planning the wines for your wedding can be a difficult decision. Our advice is to always slightly over cater, running out of wine on your big day is obviously not ideal. And at the end of the day if you have excess wine you can always take this home to start your own wine cellar. So, how much wine will you need to order for your wedding?

The amount of wine you will need for your wedding will be affected by the type of crowd you invite. If you have a younger crowd that may enjoy a cocktail bar or you have predominantly beer drinkers then this can affect the amount of wine you will need to purchase. Also consider the weather, summer weddings will be warmer and guests will consume more beer and white wine, in winter reds will be more popular.

As a rough guide we find that on average 50% of guests will enjoy wine, 30% will prefer beer and 20% will mix drinks. Also work on a 750ml bottle of wine providing 5 glasses of wine. 

If you work on each guest having a couple of drinks in the first hour and then a drink each hour after that you can calculate how many bottles of wine to cater. If you have 100 guests for a 5 hour reception, let’s assume they will have 6 drinks across that time frame (some will have more, others will drink less so this is just a rough average), with 50% preferring to drink wine. So 100 guests x 6 drinks x 50% = 300 drinks. Divided by 5 glasses per bottle equals 60 bottles of wine or 5 cases.

As previously suggested it is always preferable to slightly over cater. Remember that there will be guests that start with beer and switch to wine and there will be guests that prefer a couple of glasses of bubbles and then switch to still wine.

So in this scenario you may want three cases of white and three cases of red with one or two cases of bubbles depending on the type of wedding you are planning.

What wines should I purchase for my wedding?

Now that you have a rough guide as to the quantity of wine you may need for your wedding day you need to determine what styles of wine you wish to serve your guests. As mentioned previously do take into account the likely weather on the day, are you planning on having a champagne toast, are you looking to match the wines to food or maybe you are considering purchasing wine that means something special to you?

Generally you want to keep it fairly simple, maybe one or two whites, one or two reds and a particular sparkling that you love. Sauvignon Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc blends are generally a universally popular wine that the majority of guests will enjoy. Given that you are planning a Margaret River wedding and this region is world renowned for its Chardonnay then you may like to include a certain amount of this wine. In regards to red wines, once again a medium bodied, soft Cabernet Sauvignon is a general crowd pleaser along with a nice Shiraz may please most red drinkers.

If you remain unsure on the exact wines you would prefer for your wedding you can always visit our Cellar Door while you are in the region and have a tasting of our extensive range. This way you will be assured of purchasing wines that you feel will suit the palates of your guests.



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