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Flametree Wines

The Provenance of Flametree Wines

Episode 1: The Provenance of Flametree: Chardonnay from Vine to Wine
In this episode we chat with Chardonnay grower, Ron Fraser from Atticus Wines. This is the location from which we select our premium Chardonnay fruit to make our award-winning Flametree SRS Chardonnay.
Main topics covered during this conversation include:
⦁ Why Flametree chooses to select fruit from across the region instead of growing their own vines.
⦁ The benefits of using this model.
⦁ The specific characteristics of the Chardonnay fruit purchased from the Atticus Wines vineyard that goes into Flametree’s SRS Chardonnay.
⦁ The key features about the Atticus Wines property, its history, soils and best suited varieties
⦁ We discuss Margaret River Wine Region’s Chardonnay in general including its unique climate and soils.
⦁ How Ron as a grower, deals with mother nature and the climatic situations that impact his winery.

Listen to the podcast: